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How To Mount a Scratch Map

Mounting Options

The best way do display our scratch off maps is to hang them on a wall. As the map is rolled up in the gift tube, it is important to mount it in a way that fixes its top and bottom edges in a horizontal position. Otherwise the map will curl back. You can use several different methods that we have tested.

Aluminium Snap-on Bars

Our custom made aluminium bars offer a easy and reusable way to hang the map on any flat wall. The top bar has two sliding mounting hooks that can be used to fasten the bar to any wall or you can tie a string to them for a less-permanent solution. We recommend these bars for a luxurious modern feel.

Wooden Map Bars

Our custom hand-made wooden map bars are a great accessory for hanging our A1 size maps on any flat wall. Attaching the map to the bars is very easy.

Mounting Tack Putty

Use a small amount of flexible mounting putty in each corner and along each side of the map. Then stick the map to a flat surface. We recommend these for non-permanent display and a minimalist look.

Frame the Map

You can achieve a custom design as there are countless framing options. A backer plywood or similar board is recommended.

Mount the Map To a Backer Board

Use a spray mount or a similar adhesive to mount the map permanently to a backer board. This will make scratching off really easy, just make sure the backer board is not textured. A thick cardboard will also work.

Velcro strip

We have also used a thin self-adhesive velcro strip for mounting maps on a flat wall surface. Usually 4 pieces (one in each corner) is enough as they provide a sufficient holding strength.


If you have a wall surface that won’t be damaged by pins, it is certainly a low-budget solution to mount a map.