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Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our 68travel-branded products. 20000+ customers have already trusted us. Verified reviews from real customers can be found on product pages, Cusrev, Google, Facebook and other sales portals.

Precision Manufacturing and Product Quality

We have strict quality standarts in place because we love to send you the best quality decorations and products. After all you will look at them for many years. We inspect every single piece of our products manually. We polish and clean our products to some extent but do not wish to leave out all the natural and unique visual properties of wood. Since our skilled teams use advanced machines, we can guarantee an exceptional precision of our decorations.

Easy Returns and Exchanges

By buying directly from 68travel you can benefit from a generous returns policy. We are all humans, we understand that circumstances change or that you may just not like a specific product. We will resolve all queries you may have quickly. If you have installed or used a purchased product, please write to us with the details of any issues, so that we can offer the best possible solution.

Safe product packaging

We guarantee a smooth delivery of parcels thanks to our proven packaging method. Most wooden products are packed using special cardboard templates. They are delivered in a sturdy 5-ply cardboard boxes. Rarely you may receive a damaged product – in that case don’t hesitate to contact us right away. We take all claims seriously and we have years of experience shipping all around the World. We will be happy to resolve any issues and ship out replacement parts or products at our own cost.

Delivery Guarantee

All orders are shipped with a valida tracking number. Which you will receive after your order is marked shipped out. We guarantee that we will resolve any delivery issues like lost packages, any damage resulting from shipping or other delivery problems.

Local Manufacture

Our wooden, moss and scratch products are made locally in Slovakia – in the heart of Europe. We source our paper, wood and other materials as much locally as possible. With paying attention to sustainability and ecology. We aim to have all of our packaging free from plastics as much as possible too.

Happy Customers = Our Goal

We are here for you. Whether you may have a special request, delivery deadline, need a special part or just want to chat. Everybody loves maps and we are here for you to enjoy a beautiful wall decoration for may years to come. Also take a look at 68travel around the World.