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How 68travel Manufactures Wooden Decor

68travel is an original manufacturer, we are not a reseller. The production of our wooden maps and other wooden decorations is a lengthy and complicated process. At the end of it is a beatifuly finished wall decoration, so when you look at it you will say “wow, this is awesome!“. Then you remember all the memories from spots around the World where you’ve already been to…

The manufacture itself is preceded by the conceptual and design preparation. You wouldn’t believe how much work it takes to decide which countries to put in which layer, how to combine the colours – to tune it all, so that the layers lined up and look great. How to choose 50 from more than 300 islands from around the World for the standard islands package and others for the Extended Islands Package.

Thoughts and ideas are then processed into vectors. These computer zeros and ones are transferred through engraving machines to plywood which is then stained with different colours to achieve an even more impressive 3D design. And gradually every single piece, every country, every island comes to life. All the little parts are then glued together by hand and create the individual continents – the 3D wooden map gets its final form.

In the end, everything needs to be packed so that the maps get safely to you from Slovakia in the heart of Europe – across the borders and across the oceans.

And then it’s up to you to transfer this magnificent wall decoration to your own wall and enjoy the view for many years to come. Because maps are charming and everybody loves maps.

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