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About us

It was the year 2003, and while it may have been snowing on the Old Continent, a bunch of Slovak guys were meeting at Huntington Beach to play some beach volleyball underneath the California sun. And it was somewhere there – on the shores of the Pacific Ocean – that 68travel began.

It was there that the paths of Fero 6 and Fero 8 crossed for the first time. Then there was a lot of beach volleyball, a trip to Hawaii, trips to the US National Parks, a brutal walk across the Grand Canyon, Whiskey tastings in Scotland, awesome mini-expeditions in Central America, carrying up beer to the highest peaks of the High Tatras…

…and many countries, a few years and a lot of work nights later, the first joint project was created. And then another and another…

We love travelling and getting to know new countries. We have each worked and lived in many of them, the world is our expanded home. We love to discover and develop things that please the heart of any traveller.


Somewhere in Guatemala
Somewhere in Guatemala

So go out and discover the world, discover new places, people and cultures.

And you can scratch or mark it all on our maps – maps that we have created for you all.

Fero 6 & Fero 8

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