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Travellunch 125g Breakfast

Meals with everything you need


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Meals containing everything you need

We designed travellunch® for people on the move. Days of trekking, climbing, hiking, cycling or even canoeing – this all takes its toll on your body. As complete meals are not so easy to come by in the great outdoors, we’ve developed a whole range of lightweight meals for which you only need boiling water.

travellunch® has long since proven itself to be a versatile solution in everyday life: For a lunch break when there’s nothing else around. For a meal in the truck or on a work site. For all those who hardly have time to have a proper lunch – employees, teachers, students, or pupils. And as an emergency supply in critical situations of all kinds – from power outages to blizzards. With travellunch® you are always prepared.

All the natural ingredients are preserved And so is the taste

All our products are produced using the freeze-drying process. The principle behind this technique is thousands of years old: Food was first put in the ice, and then in the sun, like this, ice crystals evaporated, but without melting. The result: Long-lasting, easy-to-transport food for on the go as well as for stockpiling. Nowadays, food is freeze-dried in hygienic and strictly supervised conditions. The advantages of this process are that all the substances that the body needs – such as vitamins – are fully preserved, as are color and flavor. Moreover, the texture is also kept intact after the preservation process. For our dishes we use carefully selected healthy and natural ingredients. Best of all, as they are already naturally preserved, they do not need artificial preservation.

A selection as varied as your eating habits.

Obviously, dishes must be practical and quick to prepare, which is favored by the fast expansion process. One spoonful is all it takes for you to start feasting. Different kinds of breakfast cereals, a hot meal for lunch and another for dinner, a dessert to top it all off, and a bar in between if needed. This is what a day’s meal plan can look like. You can make it vegan or lactose-free, and tailor it to suit whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re going. We’ve pre-assembled some packs to make things easier for you.

Power lies in preservation

travellunch® is an idea that will always be around: We take the best from nature, carefully process it, and turn it into a wholesome, tasty meal that can be used anywhere. We have been both testing and experimenting for a long time – and we continue to evolve every day. We are the family business Simpert Reiter from Augsburg, which has been specializing in travel provisions for decades.

Our adventure commenced in the 1970s. Back then, the freeze-drying process was first beginning to be used on a large scale for food. NASA, among others, had supplied its space missions with suitably prepared meals. At that same time, Simpert Reiter was specializing in the production of aspic and aspic powder. The company picked up on the trend and developed the first outdoor meals to be prepared by adding boiling water. 

To this day, the freeze-drying method stands the test of time excellently, because it preserves all the important ingredients, the original flavor, and the natural color of the food. Up to 95 per cent of the water contained in the food is removed, which reduces the weight accordingly and means that a single portion bag weighs only 100 to 125 grams. Shelf life is up to five years. 

This is exactly why travellunch® has been so popular for such a long time, be it for athletes or travelers, on expeditions or missions, for breaks or emergencies. We have also continued to improve the packaging. With our stand-up pouch, it is possible to eat the prepared meal directly from the bag, without the need for additional dishes. Now that we have set up an online shop, the meals can also be purchased directly to us. In addition, as outdoor enthusiasts and emergency services are also changing their eating habits, we are currently steadily expanding the range of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

What are you up to? 

Crossing the Alps or Himalaya? Enjoying starry nights in the great outdoors? Exploring the wilderness? Tackling cliffs and waves? Be it on your own or with fellow travelers, you’ll be thrilled to have something that keeps you fit and warm, gives you strength and is quick to make: travellunch®.

travellunch® accompanies you – no matter where you are or what you are doing

Lightweight, tasty and invigorating food for on the go: a must when hiking, cycling, camping or trekking, invaluable when sailing or mountaineering. travellunch® also proves its worth in the everyday realities of life: Feeding helpers in civil defense and disaster control. During long journeys – be it in the field or in the truck. On work assignments or expeditions. Anyone who has been out in the cold for a long time knows that a hot stew or a good chili con carne can make your day!

Sometimes you don’t even have to be on the road, our meals are also there to help you through a lunch break when there’s nothing tasty around. They greatly enrich the menu, whether for pupils or teachers, managers or employees, civil servants, or freelancers. Also, when hot water is unavailable, no worries, some dishes only need cold water. Our much-praised chocolate mousse, for example. travellunch® is also suitable for stockpiling. The freeze-drying process ensures an extremely long shelf life – ideal for emergency rations or a basic stock to keep in the basement for emergencies.

With a camping stove and a supply of water, crisis situations can be comfortably weathered for a long time.

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Scrambled eggs with Onion


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